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The futuristic Global Finance solution

Martell will support and initiate the vision of providing everyone with a better world in the digital realm of currencies. It focuses on advancing decentralization finance technology by creating applications

Smart Contract

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Raised-16676 Tokens Total 28000000 Tokens

1 MTC = 0.12 USD

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Token Allocation

Token Information

Token Name = Martell Coin

Token Symbol = MTC

Token Supply



Public Sale : 50%
Founder : 20%
Development : 10%
Marketing : 10%
Bounties : 05%
Legal : 05%

USDT (TRC-20) , USDT (BEP-20)


Token Sale Proceeds

Token Information

Token Name = Martell Coin

Token Symbol = MTC

Phase - Price

Stage of Phase = Stage 1 (Running)

Price = 0.12 USD (1 MTC = 0.12 USD)

Token Date-Time

Start Date = 15 May, 2024 12:00 AM

End Date = 20 Jun, 2024 11:59 PM

Limit Per Transaction

Min Amount = 10 MTC

Max Amount = 42000 MTC


Total Token = 28000000 MTC

Raised Token = 16676 MTC (0%)

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About Us

Begin trading without concern for the safety of your funds.

With our Next-Gen marketplace, you can safely and securely buy and sell anything. The Martell project with its native coin — Martell Coin — provides the world's fastest and most flexible asset platform. This includes simple cryptocurrency payment integration as well as a digital arbitrage system. Our ultimate goal is to integrate all businesses, employees, and assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem that will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

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Our Best Features

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No Loss Trading

Your Initial Investment will be safe and can be returned back, even if the trades got lost.

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Profit Booster

Featuring a unique trading algorithm that provides users with fair and balanced features to enhance their trading profits.

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MTC wallets store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies.

Company Working

Crypto Trading

A cryptocurrency is a type of virtual or digital currency. They are secured by cryptographic systems and can be used to make safe online transactions without any mediators.

Staking Program

Earn passive income. If you don't plan on selling your cryptocurrency tokens in the immediate future, staking lets you earn passive income.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming can potentially offer much higher returns than traditional investments, as users can leverage their assets to earn multiple rewards from different platforms and protocols. Some the most popular platforms for Yield Farming include Compound, Aave, Uniswap, Curve, and Balancer, among others.

Ai Portfolio Management

AI in portfolio management uses strong algorithms to examine large datasets, detecting patterns, trends, and correlations that human analysts may not see right away. AI can make better investing judgments by analyzing large amounts of financial data, economic indicators, news, and other sources.

The Timeline

Stratagy & Roadmap


Martell Coin Concept

Create a projected concept and design blueprint.

October 2023



The prototype version was released & integrated into BSC

October 2023


Airdrop and PreSale

Airdrop/Bounty Program Pre-Sale Of Tokens – Presale launch

April 2024


ITO Sale Stage 1

Launch STAGE 1 Of the ITO Sale Of Martell Coin

May 2024


ITO Sale Stage 2

Launch STAGE 2 Of the ITO Sale Of Martell Coin

June 2024


ITO Sale Stage 3

Launch STAGE 3 Of the ITO Sale Of Martell Coin

August 2024


Listing on exchanges

Martell coin listing on exchanges

November 2024


Payment App Development

Front-end, back-end development, API and Latency testing.

December 2024


Blockchain Payment

Integrated blockchain payment method via our API

February 2025


Beta Launch

The product’s Beta version will be launched.

March 2025


System Updates

Security patch level updates and platform improvements.

April 2025

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